That’s a Wrap: July through September 2016

… And I thought I’d get a lot of reading done this summer. Okay, but to be fair, I did take extra courses during the course of the two months, and had a job. Anyways, I’ve read a total of eight books this quarter, which I supposed isn’t terrible, but I really could have done better.

There’s always the next quarter, though I’m genuinely concerned that I won’t finish my reading challenge this year 😦

Unite Me
This compiles two novellas that accompany the Juliette Chronicles. It was a nice, quick read.

Be With Me
I am super in love with all of J. Lynn’s characters. If you enjoy reading new adult romance, I cannot recommend J. Lynn enough!

The Summer that Melted Everything
An excellent, thought-provoking read.

Ouran Host Club, Vol. 1
A cute, fun romantic manga! I’ve watched the anime, and I’ve heard that the manga goes more in depth with the plot as well as characters, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

A Solitary Romance
Definitely not my favourite romance. 😦

Kings or Pawns
A fantastic political fantasy.

Library of Souls
The conclusion to the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series. I think this book packs a lot more action and sustenance than the first two installments, thus wrapping up the series memorably. I know some people feel like the story drags on a bit in the beginning, but overall, I really enjoyed this journey with the peculiar children.

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories by Tim Burton
An anthology of deliciously dark poems and short stories. It was a quick read that made me laugh out loud (and creep the hell out of my sister).

And that’s a wrap for July to September! I can’t believe the year’s almost over. ;O

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