Stationery | The First

I have always had a great affinity for stationery and having started my bullet journal last year, I’ve become even more inclined towards nice pens and other paper goods. Because of this, I’m thinking about starting a stationery segment on my blog, and will continue it depending on the feedback I recieve. I know that many of you enjoy writing just as much as you do reading, so I thought you might appreciate these kinds of posts.

I thought a haul would open this segment nicely, so without further delay, here are some stationery items I’ve collected over the past few weeks!

The first few things here are some sticker packs. I find it super difficult to find cute stickers where I live, sadly, but I was able to find these ones from a Japanese Dollarama-equivalent called Ichiban.

If you live in Canada and know some sticker places for me to check out, let me know! I’m also okay with buying online (unless there are ridiculous shipping prices).

From the same store, I also picked up two packs of patterned origami paper. I’ll be using them not for origami purposes, but for decoration in my bullet journal. I especially like the floral ones!

Next, I have some pens from MUJI. It’s a Japanese based company that sells some great quality items that vary from beauty to clothing to lifestyle. Their prices are great too!

From left to right we have a 0.5 tip mechanical pencil, a dual tip marker in black, a 0.38 tip hexagonal bodied gel ink pen in black, a 0.25 tip pen in navy, and two 0.5 tip ballpoint gel ink pens in brown and turquoise.

I was super excited this get my hands on this next item, which is the 36 pen set of Staedtler fineliners. I’ve used these for a while now, but I had the 10 pack, which only includes the most basic of colours. With this set, I’ll be able to get a wider spectrum of the rainbow!

The next two items are notebooks. What’s a stationery haul without some nice, paper goods anyway? The first of these is a MUJI spiral-bound notebook with dotted pages. I’ve been using the very popular Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook as my bullet journal, but it’s a bit on the pricier side, so I’m hoping this 8 dollar notebook will be able to work just as well. It comes with an elastic to keep the book closed and secure, as well as a translucent zip pocket for storage.

The other notebook is from a brand called It’s a softcover notebook that I’m hoping to use for blog ideas. The pages have a nice layout which allows you include visuals and text.

Lastly, we have some miscellaneous items I picked up from a variety of stores. Page flags (can never have too much of those), Tombow 5mm correction tape, a Kuretake brush tip pen, and decorative tape which features tulips.

And that’s the end of my haul. I hope you enjoyed reading! If you did, leave me a comment below telling me what some of your favourite products are!

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