Inkitt | Win and Get Published (Writing Contest)

If you enjoy writing, you NEED to check out Inkitt, a free book hosting site. It’s very similar to Wattpad, except the main goal of this site is to help you build a readership for your novel, and a pathway to getting published!

One of the main reasons this site interests me is that the members of this site are of a rather large range, which means whatever you publish is certain to appeal to somebody. Compared to Wattpad (much love, no hate), where the majority of stories are tailored towards to a younger audience, you’ll have much better luck getting your work read on here.

The other reason Inkitt is so great is that it provides a great opportunity for those thinking of publishing their work. The site hosts writing contests all the time, even as often as once a month. In fact, there is an ongoing contest right now (January 31 – March 31)!

The Rules

→ You must not have any previous works on Inkitt
→ Your novel must have a minimum of 20k words
→ You must write in English
→ The submitted work must not be fan fiction
→ The submitted work must not be a short-story collection
→ All genres welcome

The Prize

→ If Inkitt publishes you, you get 25% royalties
→ You get a real team working on your marketing campaign; Inkitt aims for (and has successfully achieved) top 100 on Amazon!
→ Inkitt invests a minimum of $6 000 in adversitsing on your book
→ You get a professional book cover designer, as well as a professional editor
→ If a partner publishing house publishes you, you get 85% royalties

If you have an unfinished novel sitting around, hopefully you will find the motivation to complete it. There is somebody out there just waiting for your words to change their life!

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